TOD!TS is a generic and progressive custom-built multi-vendor ecommerce web apps built by LONGHEAD DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, a design and web/mobile apps development studio based in the Philippines.

TOD!TS is "generic" because it already has all the basic features a multi-vendor system has. Because it's fully customized, we can expand it to meet your additional feature requirements before or after securing a basic copy.

It's a "progressive web apps" because we employ the latest technology and versions of the tools we used to build it. And through versioning (via our private GitHub repo), we intend to maintain the freshness of this web apps to keep it relevant and highly competitive in this fast evolving market.


TOD!TS was built using a powerful PHP MVC framework, an efficient Javascript MVVM framework, stable AJAX/http request libraries, enterprise-strength database storage and a comprehensive CSS/SASS stylesheets.


Laravel 5.8 MVC Framework


VueJS MVVM Framework




MySQL Server Database

General Features:

TOD!TS comes complete with the following features:

  • Public Pages with Login and Registration. TOD!TS contains dynamic pages that shows brands or stores that both drills down to related products all the way to product details. It also showcases products by category that, likewise, drills down to product details. Product details is where you can add it to the shopping cart.
  • Member Pages (for registered users) allowing profile update, review or comment on a product, shop and do online purchases via cart and checkout processes supporting COD, Paypal, Stripe and Credit Card. Members (BUYER by default) can become SELLERS, too, set their own shop, add products to sell via available product categories. A buyer/seller can also check status of his/her orders. A seller can check his/her sales (allowing filters on covered period, payment method, and status).
  • Administrative Pages allowing you, the site-owner, to configure the system, like add more product brands, more product categories, check sales (allowing filters on covered period, payment method, and status), manage users like suspend a member, and alot more administrative stuff. Apart from listings, data are also presented in Graphs (Line, Bar, Doughnut, etc.) for better visualization.

Technology Details:

  • Front-end:
    • HTML5, CSS2/CSS 3, SASS, Bootstrap 4, BootstrapVue 2.0
    • VueJS 2.5.17 Javascript Framework - all CRUD are done in VueJS
    • Javascript Libraries - supports Lodash 4.17.11, Axios 0.19, moment, Vue-Chartjs, CKeditor5-vue, Vue-carousel, Vue-mq, Vue-scrollto, Vue-star-rating, etc.
    • HTTP and AJAX requests done in Axios and native Fetch via REST API.
    • Continued support for jQuery 3.4.0 because of the use of one particular plugin (GreenSock TweenMax) that require it. We're working on towards being free from jQuery dependency.
  • Back-end:
    • Laravel 5.8 PHP Framework (MVC)
    • PHP version 7.3.1 used
    • mySQL Server 5.7.24


We always have scalability in mind. So, we see to it that important features are conveniently accessible via REST API (with OAuth2 authentication using Laravel Passport) as a web service... ready for consumption by mobile apps or other web apps.

Because TOD!TS is scalable/expandable due to inherently available REST API being accessed by VueJS components, you can easily create a separate mobile apps using your favorite tools like React Native, VueJS with Native or with NativeScript, Quasar, Weex, etc. We can help you out on expanding TOD!TS towards mobile apps, too.

TOD!TS is best hosted on VPS (virtual private server) or higher for better maintainability. SSH access, being enabled at all times, is also required.


We provide further customizations, such as customized one-on-one messenger with Pusher (, or 3rd party messenger integration like Skype ( or Facebook Messenger API, social media integration, your choice of payment gateway API integration, as well as any other integrations and customizations you want added in order to extend its functionality and coverage.

We also provide extended maintenance, as you might require. We can allot a team for you who knows and maintains this powerful and evolving web application software.

Should you wish to secure this copy, don't hesitate to contact us now.